Unique Mission

Create a new decentralized social world by empowering geonetworking protocols and onboarding millions of developers and billions of users to Web3.

The World’s Largest DePin & UBI project
Unique Mission

Create a new decentralized social world by empowering geonetworking protocols and onboarding millions of developers and billions of users to Web3.

Without VC Shackles: Rise Together with Avive

Avive takes a different path with no VC or private sale, ensuring fair wealth distribution and long-term development. No whales dumping coins, just a thriving community.

No Centralized Manipulation, Only Equal Opportunities For All

Avive's innovative Proof of Networking ensures fair social verification through community spatial computing, empowering genuine contributions in a secure ecosystem.

Safeguard Your Privacy and Defend Your Dignity

Avive's privacy-conscious Proof of Networking ensures decentralized identity verification without invasive data collection, safeguarding user information.

Superior Decentralized Tokenomics

The combination of PON and Anchor mechanisms fosters a strong, trustworthy system, openning up a multi-trillion market and motivating widespread community engagement in Avive's growth and success.

Expansive Global User Base

5M+ global users across 35 languages, spanning six continents, making it the largest token-gated community worldwide.

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NO VC, NO Private Sale, NO Privacy Invasion!

Where Everyone Matters, Where Opportunities Are Redistributed

Together We AdvanceNO VCNO Private Sale
Together We Make A DifferenceNO Rich Gets Richer
Avive Promotes Fairness And Equity

Unique. Simple. Powerful

  • Rise Together, Fair wealth for all
  • Break the Chains, Prosperity for All
  • Uniting For A Sovereign Tomorrow
  • Decentralize the Future, Power to the People

  • Avive Anchor: Let Your Assets Shine in the Digital Age

    Empower Tangible and Intangible Asset Tokenization (RWA), Unleash the Power of True Ownership and Financial Inclusivity!

  • Human Verification With Community Spatial Computing

    Embrace Equity, Trust, and Genuine Connections with Avive's Proof of Networking(PON)

  • Spatial Fusion Rank

    Unleash the power of spatial computing, creating immersive experiences that seamlessly blend the physical and digital realms.

Power Real World To Web3

Build A Networking Infra, With A Vision To Create The Interoperable Layer For Offchain And Onchain Sovereign Footprint

Avive x Account Abstraction

Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Costs: Bundle Transactions for Optimal Gas Usage and Enhanced Performance

Avive X MPC Wallet

Transforming the Way We Experience Blockchain with Seamless Integration and Next-Level Technology

Distributed Key GenerationSigning (off-chain)Verification

Proof of Digital Footprints (PODF)
- Where Your Digital Story Begins

  • Immutable Proof
  • Timeless Commemoration
  • Exclusive Access
  • Enhanced Engagement
  • Authentic Identity Verification
  • Transparent Traceability

VR-AR-MR at Your Fingertips

Where Virtual Dreams Come Alive, Augmented Realities Enhance the Present, and Mixed Realities Open New Dimensions.

Use Cases Converge, Innovation Thrives

Powering Wide-Scale Adoption from NFTs to the Metaverse.
Connecting the Dots, Igniting Innovation and Collaboration Across Varied Use Cases

Digital Collectibles

Marketplace Landscape

Avive’s Marketplace Empowers Third-Party Developers To Reach A Wider Audience And Create A More Vibrant And Collaborative Ecosystem

Avive App

First Dapp on Avive chain, with users from all over the world